Blog Audit

When you purchase a Blog Audit from Next Level Blogging, you get more than just a review of your website.

I take the time to analyze your website using a Three-Step Review Process, then provide you with a personalized Success Plan based on the results.

Three-Step Review

Your blog audit is done first from the perspective of someone visiting your website for the very first time.

You want new visitors to your website to take action and engage with your content, so your website should be user-friendly and guide visitors seamlessly.

The second step is a content review.  In this step your blog content is reviewed, based on your 5 most recent blog posts.  Creating epic content is key to driving new traffic to your website, so this is an important step in the blog audit process.

The third step in the blog audit process is reviewing your branding and the overall aesthetic of your website.  Providing a professional-looking and visually appealing experience for users will increase engagement with your content.

What’s Included

Now that you understand the process, here are some of the items included in the audit of your blog:

  • Review of your pages, menus, sidebars, and footers
  • Review of your content, including headlines, format, images, and links
  • Review of your email sign-up process and welcome email
  • Review of your branding, website aesthetic, and widgets

Personalized Success Plan

Once your blog audit is complete, you will receive a Personalized Success Plan from Next Level Blogging.

Your success plan will include the results of your audit with a detailed explanation of the results.  Your personalized success plan also includes a step-by-step plan of action, that includes the following:

  • Solutions for any problems found through the blog audit
  • At least 5 new strategies that you can implement to improve your traffic stats
  • Suggestions for improvement to make your website more user-friendly
  • Ideas for content-upgrades or freebies to promote email sign-ups

Your personalized success plan is your road map to success!

Do You Need This?

A blog audit from Next Level Blogging is perfect for you if:

  • You ‘re a new blogger
  • You’re an experienced blogger, but not seeing a steady increase in traffic and email signups
  • Any blogger that is unsure about the layout of your website
  • Any blogger looking for more traffic, post comments and email sign ups

How To Order Your Blog Audit

If you’re ready to order your blog audit now, simply choose “Get Yours Now” below.  Once your order is placed, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Your Personalized Success Plan will be delivered to you by email when complete.